Monthly Actions & How They Work

After one month (or whatever period of time seems appropriate, as needed) Cults are allowed to take Cultic Actions based on their five traits. There are four basic actions, designed to increase the power of a Cult, and many miscellaneous actions which can be taken for other purposes. In addition, traits can be spent to perform divine activities, also.

Basic Action:

Increase (trait): In every case, a roll is made using the combination of the trait which the God seeks to increase, combined with one of the other traits. (Divinity cannot be raised in this fashion). The trait to be combined is determined when a role is made, and cannot be changed unless a God’s Divinity trait increases. At this point, as the God determines new things about itself, a change can be made, but if it is made, it remains attached in the new combination until such time as Divinity increases again (or decreases, should such an unfortunate event occur).

Hence, to increase Sacrifice, for instance, a Cult would roll all dice available in Sacrifice, combined with one of the following pools: Belief, Fervor or Doctrine. The same would apply for each other of the non-Divinity Cultic traits. All of them can have the same secondary trait (though one cannot simply double a trait, so no Sacrifice-Sacrifice roll could be made) but unless that secondary trait is very impressive, it will quickly be diminished by use. It is better to combine the traits in a variety of ways, so that no matter what traits are available, some rolls can be made.

Success on a basic roll is determined by getting a set with a height at least equal to the new total, thus, to get to Sacrifice 4 would require a set of at least 4 Height. Width does not matter, except see below.

Rank 6: Six is the highest rank that a trait can achieve, and as such, it is very difficult to get to. A width 3 set of height 6 or higher is needed to achieve Rank 6, and only one attempt can be made in a given month; this is the only roll that can be made to increase the trait in that month.

No more than two increases can be made in a trait in a month, no matter how many dice may be available; and for rank 6 only one attempt at all can be made, successful or not.

Miscellaneous actions:

Convert—Roll Fervor+Doctrine. Applied against an enemy Cult to get members to leave the Cult and join your own. Roll vs. Belief of the Cult. Success drops Belief. Bonus width converts to a 1 bonus die in any category but Divinity in the following month. Very obvious. Defended by BeliefDoctrine.

Crusade—Roll Fervor+Sacrifice. Applied against an enemy Cult to slaughter them. Roll vs. Fervor of the Cult. Success drops Fervor. Very obvious. Defended by Fervor+Belief.

Disprove—Doctrine+Belief. Applied against an enemy Cult to get members to leave the Cult for…well, whatever it is they get up to afterwards. Roll vs. Belief Defended by Belief+Doctrine.

Corrupt—Fervor+Doctrine. Spies and infiltrators corrupt a rival Cult. Roll vs. Doctrine. If successful, enemy cult loses Doctrine.

Softness—Doctrine+Sacrifice. Your followers show that they are more devoted to their principles than other worshipers. Roll vs. Sacrifice. If successful, Sacrifice of rival Cult drops. Defended by Belief+Sacrifice.

Construct—Doctrine+Sacrifice. Gets your followers to build stuff for you, without you having to do anything. They will, if at all possible, find the resources. The height of the roll determines how close to your ideal the work will come.

Perform Rites—Doctrine+Belief. Gets your followers to perform a great rite, which will produce a benefit to the Cult. The amount of benefit is determined by the height of the roll, and the duration of the benefit by the width of the roll.

Willing Martyrs—Sacrifice+Belief. Gets your followers to give of themselves so strongly that they produce raw mana. This mana is stored at the time of production. The amount produced is equal to the height of the roll, multiplied by the width. It must be absorbed before the end of the month in which is it produced, or it will fade into the atmosphere.

Proselytize—Fervor+Belief. Your followers will go into the wilds and convert the unaligned (or similarly, into the heart of the city). The width is the only important thing, being immediately convertable into bonus dice to apply to any roll for that month (as if it were Divinity).

Minor Uses:

Belief: Communicate new doctrine or messages to all followers. Generate contentment among followers (+1 to effective Belief for passive defensive purposes only)

Fervor: Produce a minor tactical advantage (1 to next months’ Fervor total). Perform drills (1 effective Fervor for passive purposes only)

Sacrifice: Generate Mana equal to level of Sacrifice being spent (ie, if you’re at 4 dice going to 3, get 4 mana; if you’re on your last die, get only 1). Create flagelents (+1 effective Sacrifice for passive purposes only).

Doctrine: Create a minor environmental effect appropriate to your Godhood. Left alone, it will not last for very long (a month or so) but can easily be maintained as part of Cultic existence. Scholasticism (+1 effective Doctrine for passive purposes only).

(note: there is no roll required for any of these, but they do consume a die when used)

Divinity is wild and can be added to any roll. Each time it is added, any and all Divinity dice added to the roll are spent; they can replace dice that would otherwise be spent, however. For example, if a Cult were rolling 2 Sacrifice dice and 3 Doctrine dice, and added 1 Divinity to the mix, it could replace as spent either one of the dice. If 2 Divinity were added, they would replace both dice, leaving the original pools of 2 and 3 untouched. If more than 2, they would replace both dice, but would still all be spent. This should only be done when a success is greatly sought after.

Monthly Actions & How They Work

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