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Silence appears as a pale man wrapped in a dark gray, hooded cloak. His face has no mouth, just an expanse of bare skin, but when Silence does speak, his voice emanates like whispers in the wind.


It’s unclear how long Silence has existed, although he has been known by many names and so this may hint at him being older than he admits. His truest name is never spoken by his followers, and it is that act of not uttering anything, of not thinking anything, that is his true name.

Story has it that Silence used to be much more than Silence. He was the God of stillness, of pauses, and his presence was felt in every quiet place, in every moment of reflection. When someone lay down to sleep and be still, Silence was there. When someone was dying, they prayed to Silence to grant them the peaceful stillness of death. Wherever there was a moment of peace in the dying world, it was said that Silence knew of it and watched over it.

There are some who believe that Silence will exist until the end of all things, and that it is his task to be the penultimate entity before the world ends. This apocalypse myth states that as the world fades into stillness and quiet, Silence gains power and influence, until in the end, only he and “the Terminus” remain. When all is still, Silence will be all things, and so be nothing. And then after he has become nothing, the Terminus will destroy itself and the world be cease to be.

Most people have no time for such stories, and Silence’s quiet followers have few words for anything at all, especially fables.

Silence’s Followers

Silence’s followers are known to wear strips of fabric across their lower faces, emulating their God by remaining silent whenever possible. Silence’s followers are also known for remaining relatively unswayed by the powers of other Gods, possibly due to their intense Belief in Silence, or through some mental technique gained by their worship of Silence.

Silence’s followers have never been observed forcefully recruiting members to his cult. Instead the followers of Silence who are proselytizing often arrive with a container of fresh water to offer to whomever needs it the most. If their audience is willing, the followers of Silence often will offer “lessons” in how to meditate on the stillness of the world, and how to still one’s own thoughts. If met with resistance, Silence’s followers always withdraw and continue on their way. Due to this relatively benign form of advocacy (and their lack of violence), his followers are often invited to at least visit for a short time wherever they may go. Silence believes that this “soft” diplomacy will win him more followers in the long run than the “hard” proselytizing practiced by most other Gods. At the very least, it seems to be gaining his followers’ a good reputation among the other humans in the land of the Dying Gods.

The Doctrine of Still Water

Shhh, listen.
Can you hear the world?
Beyond the well-spring of the Gods, the roaring, shouting Gods,
Beyond the noisy city and its ever-changing walls,
Beyond the ruins and the scurrying scavengers,
There is silence.
The air moves slowly, the earth is still, the mind is quiet.

Shhh, listen.
Is furious action better than calming stillness?
Is a yell better than a whisper?
The Gods and their slaves shout out into the silence,
Trying to make the world into what it is not.
With desperate violence and calamitous noise, they try to forestall
The blessed enlightenment of the end.
Is it not the time for silence, for quiet, for peace?
The air moves slowly, the earth is still, the mind is quiet.

Shhh, listen.
Here there is no screaming warrior, no roaring paladin
Fighting for the glory of their desperate God.
Here there is no chanting of the priests, no crying of the masses
For favor and mercy from their jealous, fickle God.
Here there is no crowding of one thought on another,
Until thinking itself is full of pain and noise.
There is Silence.
The air moves slowly, the earth is still, the mind is quiet.

Shhh, listen.
What you do not hear is the sound of peace.
He demands only silence, blessed silence.
He offers only silence, blessed silence.
The world began in Him, and the world now returns to Him.
The air moves slowly, the earth is still, the mind is quiet.


The Church of Still Waters
Divinity: 1
Belief: 4
Doctrine: 1
Fervor: 1
Sacrifice: 1


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