Mother Fate

An ancient woman, fat and wrinkled, dressed in robes that change color from white (in dim light) to black (in bright light). She carries a staff of dark wood and a silver knife.


Belief 6
Divinity 5
Doctrine 3
Fervor 4
Sacrifice 5


Mother Fate is one of the most powerful of gods in Glory. A recent arrival from the Well of the Sea, she has gained, in half a dozen years, a place of power among the great ones of the last Well. Her aspects involve prediction, the future, determination and knowledge, and she is thought, when acting at the right times and places, to be unstoppable. It is known, however, that she can be surprised, and it is also known that she does not shape fate, not completely, but in many ways is a pawn of it as much as the rest of the gods. Thus, some who view her growing strength as a growing threat also accept that in the end, she may fall to forces she is aware of, but cannot stop. Or at least, so they hope.

Mother Fate

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