Lady Ender

She Who Ends, Scion of Chaos


Divinity: 2
Sacrifice: 2
Doctrine: 2
Fervor: 0
Belief: 2

The Doctrine of Endings

The Self

  • Need and Desire must be understood and separated.
  • Desire only leads to suffering; the craving of intangible, imagined results.
  • Body and Mind must be understood and united as the Self.
    • Let not the Mind accept the Body’s cravings.
    • Let not the Body accept the Mind’s intangibilities.
  • Suffering distracts the Self from Ultimate Enlightenment: Emptiness.
  • Emptiness frees the mind from the distractions of the World.
  • The World is a distraction from the True Wealth: Knowledge.
  • Knowledge will flow from the Self when it is balanced and ready to receive.
  • When the Self receives the Knowledge from within, it will see and understand the path to Emptiness.
  • Walk the path to the End.

The World

  • The World is an amalgamation of cravings and imaginations.
  • Desire is the faith that feeds the intangibilities of the World.
  • Cravings for the World’s illusions wrap and bind the Self.
  • The Self, bound by Desire, is blind.
  • Each blind Self names things it thinks it sees.
    • Thus is the World inconsistent, impermanent, and weak.
  • As Desire fades, eyes open, and the World crumbles.
  • In the End, all that shall remain will be the purity of Emptiness.
  • Walk the path to the End.

The Path

  • The Path will not be found by those who hunt it, for it is not in the distance where they seek.
  • The Path will not be found by those who wait for it, for it will not come to them.
  • As the faithful walk, they draw the Path beneath their feet; the Ending of each step marks the way.
  • Though the journey may twist and wind, each step along the Path is as important as the journey’s goal.
  • Walk the path to the End.

In the Beginning

In the Beginning, there was the purity of Emptiness. There were no names, no wants, no illusions. Knowledge flowed through the Empty Self and it was All and One and None. Over time, the Self looked outward and became corrupted. The corruption lead to Desire and the Empty Self shattered into three parts. The three parts fell from the purity, naming each other as they each Desired to become Self. Three impure Selfs fell and where the fall ceased, the World began.

“All things end, Dearie. Don’t be sad—just remember how fine was the beginning.”


Lady Ender appears to be an old woman in clothes that were once layers upon layers of fine ornament, but now hang in dirty tatters. She alternately walks with an air of regal sophistication and shuffles unevenly with a slight hunch to her back. It is said that she has fallen far and most gods dismiss her presence. Contrarily, a few say that she chose her exile and poverty, though to what end, they do not know.

If she is who she says she is, she was once the consort to the Duke of Madness. It is said that she was the one who reigned in his chaos, listened to the devotions of his followers, and parlayed with other gods. Her sacred places were those places that no one wished to go—the abandoned, the crumbling, the rotting, the fetid, and the wastes beyond and between places. When the Duke fell, some say that he took the last of her reasoning with him. Yet others say that she took him into herself so that they would never be parted.

If she is who she says she is, long before the Duke of Madness, it is said that she was once the Goddess of Inspiration, patroness of artists, craftsmen, musicians, storytellers, writers, alchemists, orators, inventors and all those who sought that burst of creativity to launch them into their newest and greatest project. Her altars were scattered throughout cities and towns, covered with offerings of fresh-picked flowers and fruits, candies and sweets, and hand-crafted tokens.

If she is who she says she is, long before the Goddess of Inspiration, it is said that she was once the Goddess of Beginnings, who pronounced the true names of children as they were born, who sat at the beginning of all paths, who presided over all rites of passage, and to whom mothers dedicated their first-born daughters. Her temples were grand, circular complexes with entrances and exits so numerous that only the most dedicated priestesses knew them all.

Lady Ender

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