• Lady Ender

    Lady Ender

    She Who Ends, Scion of Chaos
  • Silence


    Nameless One, The Hidden God, The Forgotten Lord, The Eternal Peace of Still Waters, The End of All Suffering, "..."
  • Dreaming Lord

    Dreaming Lord

    Handsome and youthful, but never seen by the waking eye
  • Drunken Lady

    Drunken Lady

    Two faced, one smiling, one weeping, the Drunken Lady offers relief from cares. She holds a jeweled gold goblet in one hand and a glass wand in the other.
  • Flame of Purity

    Flame of Purity

    A tall and narrow white flame which chills as it burns.
  • Lady Plenty

    Lady Plenty

    Buxom and bountiful, the Lady is quick to provide whatever one might need.
  • Lord Corvus

    Lord Corvus

    Soul Collector / Con Man
  • Master of Torments

    Master of Torments

    A lean hungry man with bleeding scars all over his body. Wrapped in chains, he carries a whip and a smouldering iron bar.
  • Mother Fate

    Mother Fate

    An ancient woman, fat and wrinkled, dressed in robes that change color from white (in dim light) to black (in bright light). She carries a staff of dark wood and a silver knife.
  • Opener of Ways

    Opener of Ways

    A clever fingered man with a great key about his neck, servant to many god in his time.
  • Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades

    Sharp tempered mistress of the Lord Of Battles
  • Skull Lord

    Skull Lord

    A fallen god, who starved rather than diminish.
  • Sussurus


    Lord of Whispers, God of Secrets