City of the Dying Gods

Closing a Way

There were seven of them, scavenger gods who had once, in most cases, been rather more than they were. Each had fallen onto hard times. Desperate and hungry, they had one and all spotted a fallen god: the once mighty Opener of Ways. A few had worked with him before, all had heard of him, and all were rather surprised to discover that they were not alone in hungering after his mana.

They surrounded the Opener, and they disputed him, and they were frustrated by his Key, which protected him. And then an eighth god found them, a sun god mightier than they, with followers, and they all struck out at him, saving only Salt, who had grown impatient and wishes to leave the trouble behind. But after the sun god was sent packing, they came together again, and at Salt’s instigation they drank the mana stored in the Key, and then they consumed the fallen god himself.

Invigorated, they set out after more prey: the sun god who had fled them. They hurried ahead of him to his shrine, and they dispersed his followers, and they laid in wait for his arrival. Was a new pantheon forming?


vanheejason vanheejason

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