Once the world was full of life, of divine power, of gods in thousands and thousands of aspects. Mana flowed from the Wells of Power to feed the gods, who cared for their followers and lived amongst the plenty in something that more often resembled peace than otherwise.

Five hundred years ago, the Wells began to run dry. The last gods were born, the last long summers of peace and prosperity slipped by, and then the gods began to die. Some starved. Some were forgotten or abandoned. Some murdered one another to hold onto the dwindling remnants of mana in the world. And still the Wells dried, still the world crumbled into waste and decay, and still the gods and their followers perished for reasons as numerous as their deaths.

And at last after long centuries, the last Wells are dying. The Well of Light has failed, and the few gods who outlived it are making their way north. The Well of the Sea is dwindling, and the Great Sea King holds almost all its power. And last, greatest, though still failing, is the Well of Glory. Once 11 great gods fought over it, now only 8. And hundreds of scavenger gods circle the imperishable walls of the City of the Dying Gods, hoping to survive, to seek a last epoch of might, to be among the final gods.

Will you join them?

City of the Dying Gods

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